6ème Sens : accurate figures, with intuition too

This choice of name is by no means trivial. The 6th Sense is no longer limited to the sphere of the subtle and inaccessible. It belongs to the world of concrete things, such as construction. It exists in the shape of a General Contractor represented by a pair of entrepreneurs who care about your well-being and satisfaction in the long term.


One project follows another but they are not alike

Each project is unique and important to us, as is the quality of execution down to the smallest detail. This is why our reputation - and the pride of our clients - is founded on these projects.

We are your single point of contact for the optimum management of the works. Our aim is to make the world of construction a perfect world, free of worries for our clients.


An alliance of the technical and the aesthetically pleasing

More than a simple General Contractor, 6ème Sens is a company that combines strict requirements as regards details and accuracy with a global creative vision. Not settling for anything less than excellence, the team works with priority values: organisation, service, flexibility, quality, results and responsiveness. In this way your dreams as a renovator and builder will take shape.

With our experience in the area of top-of-the-range renovation, conversion and construction, we place the fire that drives us at your service. With our technical skills, we are able to fine tune your projects. And with daily works follow-up, we ensure that the end result is as aesthetically pleasing as possible and that the agreed deadlines are kept to.